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There's a lot of dead history out there. So, how do you keep history alive? Just ask Jason Fiddler, Vice President, Marketing & Partnerships, as he oversees an $18 million technology transformation at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to introduce icons of the game to a new generation.

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Setting A New Standard for Fan-Focused Technology
The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is more than a museum. It's an experience. Thanks to an $18 million technology transformation, fans are now able to connect with their childhood heroes and honor the legacy of players past.

When the museum was built in 2002, the technology featured throughout was state of the art. But 15 years later, it was considered tired and outdated, and keeping the museum relevant and interesting to a new generation of people was the name of the game. Their goal, with technology transformation as a heavy part of their behind-the-scenes transformation, was and is to redefine how halls of fame represent their famers.

On this episode, Jason explains how the Hall of Fame is using technology to honor the living history of basketball, by delivering visitors an experience that keeps you educated, focused, and, most importantly, entertained.