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Enhancing Human Performance...using Motorsport Technology

Episode Summary

McLaren Applied Technologies works at applying the principles of Formula 1 technology to deliver quantifiable performance advantage to four key sectors including Motorsport, Automotive, Public Transport and Health. The latter aims to enhance human performance in high intensity professions, elite athletes and racing drivers. Duncan Bradley, Health & Human Performance Business Unit Director, outlines how the digital transformation of motorsport has allowed them to develop transformative solutions.

Episode Notes

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Formula 1 Is More Than Just Winning Races
Sure, winning Formula 1 racing is done on powerful analytics but for McLaren Applied Technologies, their ability to innovate reached break-neck speed when they decided to take their learnings and apply them beyond racing, and into health and human performance. Harnessing the sensor and data analysis capabilities developed in Formula 1, McLaren Applied Technologies creates digital therapeutic solutions that optimize and personalize treatment for better clinical outcomes.

On this week's episode, we steer into the fast lane with Duncan Bradley, Health & Human Performance Business Unit Director, as he discusses how McLaren Applied Technologies takes data from our bodies to enhance human performance.