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Telling Real Stories… with Virtual Sets

Episode Summary

With volumetric video and customizable set scanning, filmmakers can shoot in three-dimensional, 30k-resolution virtual environments. And they can do it just as easily and naturally as filming on a physical set. The technology has massive implications for not only the film industry, but also for medicine, education, and even retail applications. On this episode, Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group and President of Sony Innovation Studios, explores the amazing possibilities.

Episode Notes

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Hollywood's Alternative Soundstage
Imagine shooting a film on location in Tokyo, Paris, and London… all without leaving a soundstage in California. Each environment is digitally rendered in such detail that you can place lights, move cameras, and film on the virtual set just as you would a physical one.

Now imagine that technology used for training medical students: A virtual reality headset could replicate a state-of-the-art operating room with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. And each student could have their own.

Sony Innovation Studios is pioneering “volumetric video” – the process of scanning sets in 30k resolution to reproduce them in three-dimensional virtual space. Explore the possibilities of this groundbreaking technology with studio President Glenn Gainor.