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Meet The New Barista Making Your Coffee...I, Robot

Episode Summary

Searching for the perfect cup of coffee can be such a grind(er). That's why Briggo uses data and robotics to understand how to make their coffee experience better with each cup. Hear from Marsha Osborn, Briggo's Chief Operating Officer, as she discusses how they use technology to provide their customers a connected coffee experience.

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Even A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Have A Good Technology Story Behind It
Employees being afraid of robots taking their jobs is not a new storyline. But if a machine can make up to 100 cups per hour, 4 times the number of a traditional barista, are these fears really unfounded? Well, don't worry because the truth is that robotics still create more interesting and challenging opportunities for people to work versus taking away.

Briggo's vision is to provide their customers a Connected Coffee experience, a confluence of digital and physical experiences that drives growth and on-demand delivery of perfect cups of coffee through data and robotics.

On this episode, Marsha Osborn, Chief Operating Officer, discusses what drives Briggo to be so passionate about their relationships with the bean supplier, their team, and their customers.